Next Generation Performance

SH2 is a world leading, first of its kind performance solution that dramatically changes how shift handovers are conducted.

The SH2 solution allows organisations to create a high performance culture that reduces safety risks, streamlines maintenance and focuses on the achievement of production targets.

Through clever use of visual and spatial information, SH2 enables operators, managers and executives to interact with the information that matters for business results.

SH2 complements existing systems by intelligently gathering and presenting critical data for review.

SH2 supports the shift handover in a visually rich, interactive and engaging way.


SH2’s ability to visually represent the precise location and nature of hazards results in efficient Hazard Management and an enhanced Safety Culture.

SH2 creates an informed and empowered workforce that minimises hazards and facilitates safety related conversations.




SH2’s intuitive interface allows for efficient task management, reducing downtime and leading to reduction in costs and improvements in operational efficiencies.


SH2 promotes a high performance culture that fuels operational consistency.

With a clear and simple display of key performance data, SH2 adds a business focus to handover conversations.



Our proven coaching and training methods result in a highly utilised workforce that knows how to structure efficient conversations, keep their staff informed and support front line leadership in next generation handover conversations.